About the NSW Society and Committee

President: Ms. Colleen Chesterman
Patron: Ms. Simone Young AM
Honorary Life Members: Mr. Richard King, Prof. Michael Ewans, Mr. Horst Hoffman, Mr. Roger Cruikshank, Dr. Terence Watson, Dr. Dennis Mather and Mr. John Wegner

The Society held its first General Meeting in March 1983. The Society was established as an incorporated association on 15 December 1986 (with alteration of the original Objects and Rules accepted on 31 August 1987. New Rules were adopted in 2005.


The Society aims to promote the music of Richard Wagner and his contemporaries and to encourage a wider understanding of their work. Support the training of young Wagnerian or potential Wagnerian performers.

Committee elected at the 2017 AGM

Committee 2017

President: Colleen Chesterman 
Vice Presidents: Leona Geeves and Mike Day 
Treasurer: Margaret Whealy 
Secretary: Barbara de Rome 
Members: Nick Dorsch, Jenny Edwards, Florian Hammerbacher, Anthony Jones and Mailis Wakeham

Other functions 
Public Officer: Alasdair Beck 
Newsletter Editor: Terence Watson

Wagner Society - Chronology and Significant Events

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Significant Achievements in meeting the Society's Objectives

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